The Victorian Women’s Trust is an independent advocate and grant-maker dedicated to improving the status of women and girls. With a thirty year tradition of progressive philanthropy, we are one of the oldest women’s funds in the world, funded by private donations and supported by countless women.

Since 1985, we have been working to create a future where everyone can take up all life’s opportunities. We continue our work through targeted research and policy submissions, advocating on behalf of women and girls, holding public events and awareness raising to achieve our quest for gender equality. 

We have worked extensively in the field of harm prevention, collaborating with others to find solutions to social issues like violence against women.

As an organisation that stands for women and girls, we can no longer remain silent about abuse on our watch. We believe compassion and humanity must prevail over fear. Join our campaign, and raise your voice with ours.

We have three strategic mechanisms for change:

Victorian Women's Trust
Our engine room for research, advocacy and public campaigns, such as this one.

Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust
Delivers our philanthropic grants each year and brokers partnerships.

The Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls
Pursues circuit-breaking solutions to prevent violence against women & girls.