Before the meeting:

  1. Research your local MP
    If you don’t know much about your local member - do some research on them and what they stand for - you might find that you share an interest or philosophical ideal. This could be a good ice-breaker for the meeting.
  2. Confirm the meeting
    Call the office to confirm the meeting, the amount of time you will have with the MP, and if you should bring anything (for instance, ID is sometimes required). 
  3. Revise
    Go over the campaign material and your own notes, until you feel confident in your knowledge.
  4. Have a practice run
    Practice asking questions in different ways (politicians are famous for answering a question without answering a question). Rehearse the campaign material with a friend.
  5. Consider their perspective
    Your local MP may have different thoughts on this subject, so it's a good idea to prepare yourself for answering difficult questions or being challenged.
  6. Be organised
    Take the Six Point Safety Plan, a pen and some notepaper. Take a meeting agenda with you to ensure the conversation stays on track.