How to set up a meeting with an MP:

  1. Find out who your local MP is via the Australian Electoral Office.
  2. Once you know who you will be speaking to, find out their contact details via this handy list.
  3. Book a meeting by calling their electorate office.
  • It's a good idea have your notes prepared before you call. You might want to say something like:
    “Hi, my name is <your name> and I am a resident of <your suburb>.  I am interested in talking to <your member> about his/her thoughts on people seeking asylum. Can I please schedule a meeting?”
  • Some likely responses & escalation strategies:
    • “Great - I am sure they will be happy to speak with you - let me pull up their diary"
    • “Sorry, I can’t help you”
      • then ask to speak to someone who can
    • “I will look into it / ask them”
      • Say you will call them back in two days - don’t forget to ask who you are speaking to
    • “<MP name> is too busy”
      • Give more information
      • It’s really important to some fellow constituents and I. Our meeting will only take 20 minutes.
      • Suggest that might be ok - but you will record their response to the campaign team
    • “<MP name> is not really involved in that issue”
      • Everyone should be interested in, and concerned about, how people seeking asylum are being treated on our watch - I will be happy to share some stories
      • In the lead up to the election it is important for voters to know what you stand for 

Don’t worry if it takes some time to schedule a meeting - they may be busy or just testing your resilience! Remember in the eyes of a politician - every comment or complaint received is worth a lot of votes.