10 tips for making your voice count:

1. Inform yourself
Start by reading our Frequently Asked Questions
To read more about the issues, take a look at our background paper 'How we got into this mess and how we can do better'.

2. Get involved online
Share the campaign video through your social media channels.
Use the #OurVoiceTheirSafety + don't forget to tag us @VicWomensTrust :)

3. Talk about it
Talk to your family, friends and workmates about the need to have a safer plan for women and a more humane, longer term plan for all people seeking asylum.

4. Meet with your local Member
Arrange a meeting with your local Federal MP to discuss the Six Point Safety Plan. Take along a friend who is also concerned about the issues. Use a copy of the Six Point Safety Plan for your discussion and to record your MP’s responses. If you are unable to meet with your local Member, then send an email or write them a letter. Check out our letter writing tips or use our example letter as a guide.

5. Invite the local newspaper
Invite the local newspaper along to the meeting or send a press release to them following the meeting. Our media guide can help make this happen.

6. Write to our national leaders
Email or write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, the Leader of the Opposition, using the information provided in the Six Point Safety Plan. Use our example letter as a guide. Make sure to send a copy of your letter to your local Member, too!

7. Tell the media what you think
Write letters to the editor of your local, state or national newspapers.

8. Amplify your voice
Join talk back radio shows and encourage listeners to think about a broader, longer term approach.

9. Connect with others
Find out what other groups working on this issue are doing and join activities that appeal to you. We've collated a list of other campaigns you can join to help get you started.

10. Report back
Let us know what actions you have taken by emailing us or by visiting us on Facebooktwitter or Instagram.