Media Guide

The media responds to the public. Their job is to report on community issues and events. We know that the Government takes notice of what is said in the media. They read the papers, and listen to the news to see what people are concerned about.  

If we can get the media interested in the Our Voice Their Safety campaign we will have a greater chance of having this important message heard. We will be aiming to get state and national media outlets to cover the campaign in addition to promoting the campaign through social media. In the lead up to the election your local media will also be interested in issues that local people are concerned about when it comes to voting.

Spread the word in your local paper!

There are a number of ways you can try and get the local media interested in the campaign. We have prepared a number of template media releases for you to use and modify as you see fit. 

Start by picking up a copy of your local newspaper and find out the contact details of the editor or the news team. If you're lucky, perhaps you might know a local journalist! You can share your support for this campaign with your local media with a targeted media release.

Guides & templates to help you use your voice:

General Media Release
This media release is a great way to let your local news team know you support this campaign.

Announce Upcoming Meeting with MP
Our media alert will help you to signal your upcoming dialogue with your local MP.

Announce MP Meeting Outcome
Hold your MP's accountable - tell the press what you discussed and your views on the outcome.

Guide for Meeting with an MP
Whether you're a mover and shaker from way back when or new to politics, our meeting guide is a must read.

Tips for Writing Letters to MPs
Written letters are an effective means of lobbying, made easy with our handy letter writing tips.

Six Point Safety Plan
Don't forget to share the Six Point Safety Plan with journalists and MPs. Let them know that there is a better, more humane way forward.

Your success in getting the media interested in the campaign is dependent on a number of factors including their personal interest; what else is happening on the day; what other stories are already running; and how much space they have for the news and their resources.

Don’t worry if you are not successful in getting their interest - even by sending the media release there is at least one more person who has now heard about the campaign. It all adds up!