<<Date>> 2016

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<<Your city/town>> I / members of the local community call on <<Name of local member>> to agree to more humane treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia

<<CITY/TOWN>> -- Today, concerned voters from <<Your city/town>> joined the campaign Our Voice Their Safety a nationwide campaign organised by the Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT).  

As a strong advocate for preventing domestic violence against women, the Trust is calling on their supporters to claim their voice and speak out against the unacceptable violence occurring against women and children in immigration detention centres.  

The violence against women in the Nauru immigration detention centre and women who have been released into the community has escalated to appalling levels.  The Moss Review into the conditions on Nauru commissioned by the Federal Government in 2014 reported on serious allegations of rape, sexual abuse and the indecent assault of women and children.  

We believe that there is a much safer and more humane alternative for women, men and children seeking asylum that respects their human rights and we want to share our views with our local Members of Parliament.

“The ongoing failure of our parliament to consider a more humane approach to people seeking asylum is an international disgrace.  We can no longer stand by and be silent on the treatment of women who have sought asylum in Australia."
-Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust

As a local resident I am keen to add my voice to the campaign. I plan to meet with <<Local member>> for them to hear our concerns and ideas for a more humane way forward.

We encourage others to add their voice to the campaign.

For more information about Our Voice Their Safety please visit