Six Point Safety Plan

We believe that there is a much safer and more humane alternative for women, men and children seeking asylum built on these six moral pillars that respect their human rights.

1. The right to asylum
2. Human rights protected  
3. Living in the community
4. Equal before the law
5. Open conversations
6. Sustainable, long term planning


1. The right to asylum

Every person has the right to seek asylum in another country, no matter how they arrive.

Every person seeking asylum who reaches the Australian mainland or its territories has their claims for refugee protection assessed in a fair and timely way. Where a person is detained for security reasons there are legislated reviews of the person’s case by an independent authority within strict timeframes.


2. Human rights protected  

People seeking asylum share the same basic human rights as us. We respect their right to live with dignity, safety, freedom, security and justice before the law.

Protection and support including access to health and social services are provided to each person seeking asylum.


3. Living in the community

People seeking asylum are free to rebuild their lives peacefully in our community.

People seeking asylum live in the community once identity, health and security checks have been carried out. They are able to work and study while waiting for their claims to be processed. Families are kept together and parents are able to provide care, nourishment and protection to their children.  

4. Equal before the law

Crimes committed against people seeking asylum are illegal and treated in accordance with the law.

Emergency action is taken to resolve any incident that threatens the health and safety of women, men and children while in the Government’s care.


5. Open conversations

There are open, national conversations about the best ways of helping people seeking asylum.

There is bipartisan leadership in national discussions which promote a greater understanding within the community about the reasons people leave their homes and the best way the community can support them.

6. Sustainable, long term planning

People seeking asylum have access to safe living conditions resulting from a proactive partnership between the Government, neighbouring countries and the UNHCR.

Agreements provide consistent asylum processes and protections; vital support services; the legal right to stay in a country; and the right to work and study. The smuggling trade becomes redundant because people seeking asylum are living in safety while their applications are processed.