During the meeting

When you arrive at their electoral office, let someone know you have arrived, who you are and who you are meeting.

Meeting Agenda
Developing a meeting agenda before your scheduled appointment is a great way to ensure you cover all of your key points. We've created a guide - you may want to add some items of your own.

  1. Introductions
  2. Information sharing
    Explain why you are there. Talk about the campaign Our Voice Their Safety. Present them with a copy of our Six Point Safety Plan, and give them a chance to read it. Ask them how they feel about a more humane and legal approach to people seeking asylum. Do they support this future?
  3. Action
    Fill out the notes section of the plan together.
  4. Summary and thanks
    Thank the MP for their time and consideration, and let them know what you plan to do with the information. For example, you may want to advise them that you will be sharing their responses with us, the campaign team! Ask them if they require more information or would like to follow-up.

Staying on track
The MP you speak with may or may not share your views. Regardless of their perspective, it's important to stick to your meeting agenda, and your main points on this issue. It's your right as a citizen to present your views to your local Representative - their job is to listen. Remember, your voice is valid, important and represents many Australians.