Tips for writing letters to Members of Parliament  


Politicians are much more impressed when they receive individual letters from members of the community, rather than generic emails. You can use the Our Voice Their Safety materials to put a powerful letter together or use our example letter.

In your letter to an MP, you may wish to:

  • Call on them to put politics aside and work across party lines to develop a safer plan for women, men and children seeking asylum in Australia.  
  • Let them know that there are alternatives and refer to our Six Point Safety Plan
  • Refer to the appalling level of violence occurring against women and children in the Nauru detention centre and women released into the Nauruan community. See our background paper for more info.
  • Ask how they can speak out against the domestic violence harming women in Australia, yet they continue to allow unacceptable violence to occur towards women and children in Nauru.
  • Refer to the numerous reports (such as the Moss Review) that show the harm being done to women, men and children locked up in Australia’s detention centres.
  • Refer to the trauma, despair, sexual assault and self harm that has been reported in the media.
  • State that you don’t accept that it has to be this way. There are alternatives.
  • Refer to the Six Point Safety Plan which provides a much safer and more humane alternative built on moral premises that respect the human rights of people seeking asylum no matter how they arrive in our country.
  • Call for a comprehensive regional approach which will prevent people making dangerous onward sea journeys.   
  • Commend the Six Point Safety Plan and ask them to work with their colleagues to create humane asylum policies and practices that we all can be proud of.